We specialise in solving complex technical problems

We have spent the last decade with Microsoft development technologies creating large scale platforms across a wide range of sectors including banking, health, charities and automotive clients. We look carefully at the challenges presented in our projects and develop solutions best placed to deliver value and stand the test of time.

Our work

We work for major brands in the private sector, not for profit organisations and government funded initiatives focusing on skills, collaboration, membership and sales conversions.

Examples of our work include:

  • Enterprise scale social media platforms
  • Moderated self-assessment frameworks in education
  • Sales platforms
  • Mobile messaging applications
  • Membership websites
  • CRM/CMS integrations
  • Careers and human resource sites

Our approach

For us, every project starts with a discovery stage. We undertake in-depth initial exploration in order to discern the overall health of the project, including knowledge gaps, funding issues, and identifying potential skill shortages.

We often have domain experts in-house or across our partnership network who can bring new ideas to a product across specific industries, allowing us to ensure that we are maximising value on any project we are engaged in.

Once the scale and reach of a project is understood, the correct technologies can be chosen. Whether it's a locally hosted rapid prototype, or a full scale business critical cloud implementation, we make sure the platform of choice is optimal for the requirements.

When the nuances of a project are ascertained, we are then best positioned to put the correct team together. This typically includes a development team, UI/UX designers, a high level project manager and governance expert, a day to day Agile scrum master, and a testing team.

Using tools like Jira or Visual Studio Team Services, our Agile specialists work with the client to compile the boards required for project delivery. Utilising proven Agile methodologies, a plan is compiled that supports iteration, early assumption checking, user feedback, and a rapid route to production, whilst maintaining the ability to adapt to changes in market conditions.

During the production of a product, long term support strategies are identified. Via a combination of face to face client management, instant telephone support and 24 hour helpdesk services, coupled with a strong disaster recovery implementation, we ensure your project maintains maximum uptime whilst allowing continual integration of new features.

Management Team

With many years experience across a range of skills, our in-house team is uniquely positioned to handle any complex technical problems.

Ben Harratt, Chief Technical Officer / Founder

I’m BenCTO and founder of Technical Labs. I have a long history of successfully delivering large scale software platforms across multiple industries.

James Baldwin, Head of Development

I’m James, and I'm Head of Development. I specialise in ASP.NET MVC C#, Umbraco and VueJS, and I oversee specialist and large scale project roll outs.

Neil Dewing, Head of Design

I’m Neil, and I'm Head of Design. I specialise in UI/UX Design and Front End Development with over 10 years experience in the industry.

Parm Kunner,

I’m Parm, and I'm Head of Development Support. I specialise in front end software and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Natalie Harratt ACMA, Head of Finance

I’m Nat, the Head of Finance. I'm a chartered accountant specialising in software development costing, R&D tax systems and 3rd sector financing.

Working with Ben and the team at Technical Labs has enabled us to accomplish a range of complex digital projects. Their extensive knowledge of product development, the automotive industry and clear understanding of our business requirements has resulted in consistently high quality outcomes. Their continued support is invaluable in ensuring all end products remain functional and innovative within the industry.

Megan Boot, Sytner Group Ltd

Megan Boot Website Manager, Sytner Group Ltd

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