Skills Gap

Allowing educators, students and employers to work collaboratively on projects.

The Skills Gap Programme is an exciting opportunity to bring together educators, students and employers to work collaboratively on projects which are generated through the programme, by participating teachers, with genuine business input, tested in a real classroom situation.

The programme’s longer term aim is to help reduce the well-documented skills gaps in key related industries and high youth unemployment, by inspiring and training teachers to prepare the next generation of young professionals, encompassing industries such as engineering, manufacturing, food technology, design and architecture. Through the programme, businesses have the opportunity to support schools in developing skills for their future workforce.

The challenge was technically complex as there is a requirement to finally balance the collaborative elements across many different participating parties with the need for great usability and appropriate security.

Project support was provided by IndigoBlue in both the requirements refinement, the testing and delivery, with IndigoBlue working with both Technical Labs and Design and Technology.

Each participating party has access to a secure area, where work can be uploaded for assessment and review, with a communication dialogue designed to support showcasing, commenting and mentoring.

Some of the work uploaded has been of great quality and it is very exciting to see the project develop, enabled by the Technical Labs implementation.

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Allowing educators, students and employers to work collaboratively on projects.

Technologies Used

  • Umbraco
  • Angular JS
  • SQL Server
  • Zendesk

Technical Labs were introduced to us by IndigoBlue in 2013 as we urgently needed a digital supplier willing to work very collaboratively, and flexibly to demanding deadline. As a small organisation we lacked in-house expertise and wanted to rely on expert advice from a supplier, placing a lot of trust in them in this respect. We were not disappointed! The project was complex and required a balance of technical integration and design, integration of payment systems, CRM and the implementation of paperless direct debit. They have invaluable knowledge of how to balance user experience with the critical commercial aspects of a site like ours, which is effectively my organisations shop front. The project was completed in September 2013, it proved at times very demanding and required good ongoing communication and significant additional effort at no additional cost to deliver successfully. The project was recognised in the 2014 Agile awards as the Best Project in the Not For Profit Sector, for its excellence in approach to project management. Since then we have continued to work with the team through 2014 and 2015 on numerous other projects and we remain impressed by their drive for quality and focus on delivery at affordable prices.

Richard Green MA, The D&T Association

Richard Green MA Chief Executive, The D&T Association

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