Tachyon Search

Tachyon is our real-time text based used car search solution.

Text based search drives the modern internet. From Amazon to Google, it's what users are expecting and it's efficient on all devices. Tachyon brings vehicle search into the modern age with a lightweight, ultra fast, real-time search system that users love.

Our real-time, text based interface shows vehicle results as the user is typing, and is a new paradigm in vehicle search. Users find the cars they want 10x quicker on average than before, and are compelled to view more cars simply because the search experience is now a delight rather than a battle.

Traditionally, advanced search is anything but advanced. Customers want more than the standard filters on offer. Advanced for Tachyon means searches such as “0-60 mph under 4 seconds, Turbo engine, 4 wheel drive, coupe in white”, or “7 seats, estate, automatic with 60 mpg in Birmingham”.

Working closely with data experts at CAP has allowed us to develop the most in depth, but simple to use search platform available. Our search interface is optimised for all devices, from old 4” phones on a 3G network to the largest high resolution displays connected by high speed fibre.

Tachyon is built for speed. To achieve this, Tachyon utilises the latest server and network technology along with the most advanced search systems and algorithms. The propriety search engine can carry out over 5,000 searches per second and responds to user queries in less than a millisecond. Like no other vehicle search system, customers will see the results change in real-time as they type.

Tachyon has been created with support and insight from the best organisations in the industry. Working closely with leaders such as Sytner Group, CAP HPI, major re-sellers and numerous other companies has allowed us to address the fundamental requirements of search at every step.  A massive collaborative effort has enabled something truly unique in the automotive sector and the results speak for themselves.

Tachyon is our real-time text based used car search solution.

Technologies Used

  • Azure
  • Lucene
  • Vue JS
  • IIS
  • Raygun
  • Umbraco
  • Zendesk

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